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Bali Surf Trip

Bali was a playground. My high school friend, and now professional photographer, Sammy Freeman travelled with me from Hong Kong to Bali Indonesia for a girls Surf Trip.

We planned the first few days of our trip to explore Bali and get our top-list visits done: and the rest: we surfed... 🏄🏼‍♂️ We had the pleasure of not only being there for a local Balinese surf competition: but also for the Pdang Pdang Ripcurl Surf Pro! Riding ourselves or watching surfers ride waves in Bali was like watching a hot knife glide through butter: it was heavenly.

Sammy and I are both at a similar surf level, but were equally nervous facing our new environment. But all of that dissipated once we were in the waves, cheering each-other on and having the time of our lives. 3 Hours out in the water felt like 20 minutes to us. We surfed until we were exhausted and parched. We had such fun, that the second we woke up the next day: we surfed the whole day again. Nothing could stop us: we we're high off it all.

Sammy and I surfed so much, that we both ended up sunburning our bums to the point that on the 5 hour flight back to Hong Kong: we both could barely sit!!! It was hilarious.

I was still on Chemotherapy on this trip, and half the hair on my head was missing and bald because of the radiotherapy I had just completed: but this trip was exactly the kind of break Sam and I needed. Now I wont get too soppy, but it must be said that Sammy is that type of friend that discreetly kept tabs on me and my levels: while simultaneously pushing me out of my comfort zone again and again to the point that we were both buzzing on adrenaline most the time! It was a breath of fresh air to push myself and not be treated like porcelain or a lab rat. It was just like we were back in boarding school together.

Recommendations: We stayed in Ubud. We didn't really know where we were staying until we landed! Get a cheap 4G Simcard the second you land, and find somewhere within walking distance to lots of different places! Walking or scootering is the means of transport in Bali.

People are lovely and friendly and not too many people tried to rip us off. Island vibes are relaxed, as should you be! Last but not least: any surfers out there: Bali is a must!

Until next time Bali!

-Josephine xxx

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