I'm Josephine.
I am an artist, nature conservationist, influencer, Youtuber, traveller, lifestyle blogger and freelance Zero Waste consultant. 
Rogue Gone Vogue is my brand which reflects my personal growth, travels, lifestyle, artwork, and inspirations. My brand is also how I share the knowledge I gain with my community, all my inspirations and creations, and who I am, with you. 
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Visit my Artwork page to see the entire body of my artwork, or Shop my artwork that I sell on Etsy on my shop page. Like what I make? Follow my art instagram : @Josephine.rgv
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In the Press...
  • IPSE Magazine Scan Proper.jpg

    IPSE Young

    Freelancer of the Year Awards.

    For my work as a Zero Waste Consultant.

  • Just for THUMBNAIOL.png

    The Royal Society

    I was honoured at the Royal Society for my career as a creative in the sciences.

  • edited.png

    Miss Vogue

    For the Condé Nast Alumni and Louis Vuitton Series Three Launch, 2015

  • Podcast Interview

    On being a Youtuber, ZeroWaste

    lifestyle, and about me.

  • UCL Climate Film 

    A factual climate film I took part in tracking the increase of carbon

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