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Josephine's Sustainable 

 Fashion Edit...



1. PATAGONIA Now I know what you're thinking, "But Patagonia only does sportswear and isn't anything I'd call fashionable..."  False! Patagonia is so much more of a varied and versatile clothing brand than you think. Take a look at my favourite Patagonia pieces below: my beige jumper is 100% merino wool and one of my classiest pieces. PLUS: if anything rips or breaks, Patagonia will fix it for you (no matter how old the product! They fixed my mums jacket from their 1994 collection!!) fighting the fast fashion model. If that doesn't get your mouth watering like it does mine: Patagonia pulls ballsy stunts like each year donating 100% of the profit made on Black Friday to an NGO. Patagonia is Mecca; but don't buy needlessly, only what you can't find in vintage. My favourite buys? socks, plain long sleeved shirt, 'Live Simply' slogan tee, corduroy trousers, travel bag. Cons? Avoid their fleece made of polyester which produces micro fibres. 

Best for: Basics

Product Range: Clothing and Gear

Ethics: FairTrade & Sustainable despite large size



2. VINTAGE Second Hand..Thrifted... Whatever you want to call it: giving new clothes new life is where it's at. Not much more to be said really. The benefits are endless: cheap! Totally unique! Reduces worlds waste! My favourite vintage finds: Nascar racer jacket (New Jersey: 30$), 1997 Edition Louis Vuitton backpack, 1995 Disney x Levis Micky Mouse Denim Shirt (Japan: 5$), Hard Rock Cafe Bomber (Japan: 15$).


Product Range: EVERYTHING

Ethics: ✩✩✩✩


3. REFORMATION/EVERLANE My colourful quirky wardrobes derives from a healthy marriage between Patagonia basics and Vintage finds + my creativity thats always looking for an outlet or a challenge... but alas, I know not everyone is the same: fashion is my field of study and profession. Therefore for those who currently rely on fast fashion high street brands like Zara and H&M to inform their wardrobe; maybe swap one for these simple yet fashionable eco-brands. 

Best for: Fashionable Pieces

Product Range: Clothing & Swim



Ethics: Transparency & Sustainability



    4. DAKINE There ought to be a love story written about me and my Dakine backpack: but I'll do my best to summarise. It is my pride and joy. It is my most loyal companion. It is my best friend. Jealous? You should be! When you ditch fast fashion and focus on finding products that fits so perfectly into your everyday life: you develop a relationship with them. This particular gem is ingeniously designed (mini pocket galore), practically waterproof (it got drenched and kept my camera dry!), indestructible (I'm the toughest test out there), Small but Better-then-Mary-Poppins (I once fit a basketball in it. no I'm not going to tell you why), Hawaiian brand (does that make me biased?) AND made out of recycled plastic bottles. Plus! none of those are even the best stories!! Get this: I was in the NYC Dakine store and had done my research but was hesitating to spend the 30$. I decided to walk away for the while, when on my way out I bumped into Adam Sandler (!!!) and without skipping a beat asked for a photo (?!?!). In the same minute: on the adrenaline high, I swooped the bag up again and slapped down the cash. Done: new best friend. All thanks to Adam Sandler. I know right? What a rollercoaster of a story. I'll never not praise good design: this is good design. Not a big fan of any of their other product but they make a damn good backpack.

Photo Locations: Bali, Bali, Cuba, Switzerland, San Fransisco, Boston, Venice, Hawai'i.

Best for: Backpacks

Product Range: Clothing & Gear

Ethics: Lifetime Warranty, Recycled, Quality

This is not a sustainable brand... yet. After attending a store opening in Boston and speaking to the team: it's learned that Fjall as a brand is AIMING to go sustainable by 2025. This is the kind of brand I was talking about in my introduction that is not nearly near 100% sustainable yet, but who's heart is so in the right place and is determined to head that way, we need to support them. Thankfully they already have ONE product I fully approve of: it is not the original Kanken backpack that you see everywhere, but it is instead called the Re-Kanken Backpack: which is made out of recycled plastic bottles! You can tell the difference as the logo on the Re-Kanken is sewn embossed into the backpack. I.e. One I'm wearing is the recycled one and the ones in the background are not.




Best for: Backpack that holds a Laptop

Product Range: Clothing & Gear

Ethics: Going sustainable. Recycled.

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