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Happy World Clean Up day! 🌍🌿♻️✨ Today


The heart that underpins the drive I have to pursue my passions in life, I believe, has always derived from my deep connection to nature. 

This is why I dedicate so much of my life in efforts to protect it!

Here's some of my involvements...

  • Working as a Freelance Plastic Consultant for Institutions going Single-Use Plastic Free                     - Natural History Museum London      [2017]                                            - Kew Gardens London [2018]        - University of Hawai'i Manoa & outlying schools [2018]

  • Working at the IUCN Headquarters in Switzerland to help prepare for the Conservation Congress. I made the schedule (see left) for the 9,000 person strong event. [2016]

  • Working the VIP lounge at the IUCN Conservation Congress in Hawai'i [2016]

  • I run a Youtube Channel with videos on Zero Waste with a viewership of over a million. [Present]

  • Social media management,
    graphic design, and representing Gallifrey: my families foundation. [Present]

  • To the left is my Honours first class BA degree work: my Thesis / Dissertation which was commended for excellence. It explores the world views around sustainability and how they undermine it's progress. Read left.

  • Facebook live Interview with Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF international, for 2017        Earth Hour. (Outreach 37k)

  • 'Nothing but Nets'  [2015] champions council: an initiative to provide developing countries with mosquito nets to prevent Malaria.

  • Chosen Influencer for the Natural History Museum's Annual Science Lecture where NHM announced the museum was going to be going single use plastic free. [2017]

  • Attended board dinner after hand and sat next to Sylvia Earle the whole evening! (See photos left) [2017]

  • Green Committee founder and president at l'Ecole International de Genève (2010-12) and Green Committee President at Millfield Boarding School (2012-14).

  • Designed and made a line of recycled garments shown at E.I.G. fashion show. [2013]

  • Worked on Pu'uwa'awa'a Ranch, an organic WWOOF farm on Big Island in Hawai'i. (See left)​ [2016]

  • Took part in 'Campagne Lac Leman', run by Sea Shepard Switzerland. [2015]

  • Took part in the Abraham Path Initiative: a 4 day long eco-tourism hike from Dana to Petra in Jordan, that opens up dialogue between cultures and promotes sustainability. [2015]

  • Brand Audit and Freelance PR consultancy for sustainable (and humanitarian) Kenyan fashion brand: AliLamu. [2017]

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