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About me

I prefer my life at a constant high, always rolling.

Be it travelling, photoshoots, nature conservation work, freelance illustration / art / graphic design, running my Etsy shop, exploring my love of making film or simply juggling all the above...


Outside of my work passions, I have a love affair with the outside world: from hiking, skiing, rock climbing, skateboarding, surfing, or learning new sports. This manifests itself as well in the work I do fighting daily for things in which I believe in; like protecting our planet and changing behaviours.


This is what colours my life. Bouncing between London, Switzerland, California and Hawai'i... I'm a rogue nomad who knows a thing-or-two about making a life out of no-one-place.

I often lose track : months can skim by without reflection and this saddens me. My website, Youtube, and blog has always been my solution to that: a place for me to slow it down, take stock, and drink it in. What can I say- I love sharing my life with you guys.

I'm proud of where I am and who I've become. I've had to go through a lot of failure to learn what I know: but I hope that for those of you aspiring to go into conservation work, fashion, those looking for inspiration for your travels, those my age who fighting cancer, or those who want to become activists to help save our beautiful planet: I may be able to impart some of my experience and lessons learned to send you on your way.

My friends say I'm always bubbly; so if nothing else,

I'm here to make you smile! 

Sent 🎉 Thanks for dropping me a message! I'll get back to you in a flash⚡️

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