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The Ghostly Whales

In today’s crazy world; curiosity, a sense of humour, and politeness are virtues that are of utmost importance. The Ghostly Whales 

To be frank - Bunny’s day wasn’t going very well...

He’s been assigned the last job anyone wants: escorting a package to the dark forest.

 Worse, bunny is pretty sure the afterlife of an ancient ocean that once covered the land isn't eternally-sleeping so well... A bout of ghostly whales keeps showing itself to bunny.

Why do they have to haunt me 

Bunny has to brave it, though, an his strikes as an erratic hair-brained postman, are running out.

Curious at the the new local ghostly-folk stuck in the afterlife, Bunny risks his own social-damnation in a search for justice for the Whales. He sets out on a quest from land to ocean—one that makes him the accidental face of a great discovery for both land mammals and ocean mammals alike..

Who would have thought. 

The Ghostly Whales soul—and the souls of Bunny-kind—depended on him.

Drawing of Rabbit
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