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The Psychedelic Wonderland of Big Sur

Visiting Big Sur at the beginning of this year left me with no words.

Wandering was felt like I was stoned and on the most gentle high.

Real California dreaming.

(Big foot spotting)

Point Lobos: home to the wolves.

Now normally I don't pick favourites: but doesn't the above just look like a dream? The photo doesn't even scratch the surface. I was in love at first sight.

There were so many whale sightings I lost count: this was in January, so the whales were just leaving Hawai'i from December in search of cooler waters.

Similar to my path... (I spent December in Hawaii and January/February in Cali)

It was like I was in a dream...

Even the rough rocks were picturesque. 

Poorly executed: but the little Yogi rock in a pond just begged for a pose.

I mean just look at this.

I loved how rich the earth was with reds, oranges, and healthy greens spilling out of the metal and nutrient rich dirt. 

My team of adventurers. 

Team captain. (Fabulous).

Cherry on top? Spent the rest of the afternoon watching surfers shred.

Couldn't have imagined a better day, couldn't recommend a place more.

See you soon, Cali.

-Josephine xxx

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