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Venice, Rome, and Verona

So when your best friend moves to Rome: the appropriate thing to do is to come crash her place and go on an impromptu Italy trip. So that is what we did.

The thing about Manon and I is that we, more often than not, end up in very classy, lush, but most of all some of the most romantic places place on the earth together, and we lovingly look at each other and ask ourselves... "why the f*!?k am I here with you".

We began in Rome, took the train to Venice, only to end with a trip to the city of love: Verona, home to Romeo and Juliet. Manon and I are both artists and for us to be able to visit some of the classics in Venice was a blessing. We were able to set up shop and sketch to our hearts desire: a real cultural saturation and tech detox. I insisted we go visit the Vatican again together, just because in my opinion it's the most impressive man-made structure in existence and, despite not being religious, I'm a big Pope Francis fan. Plus, fun fact, the Vatican is protected by the Swiss Guard: the last Swiss Mercenaries in existence. They are usually young (early 20s or less) and sent to serve 2 years: and they are cuuuuute. ;)

RECOMMENDATIONS: Venice is ALWAYS cold. Always. Because it is surrounded by water, prepare for the worst: pack a lot of jumpers, gloves, and lots of socks in a plastic bag!! + changes of clothes: as everything gets damp there. Also: Venice is sinking, so if you wish to see it, now is the time! Venice is mostly tourists, as many local Venetians are moving away. The Penny Guggenheim Exhibit is one of a kind, and all art in the streets is worth exploring. It's easy to get lost: so do buy a map and familiarise yourself. We did a cheap walking tour and it was the best way to see Venice. Venice is expensive so load up! You MUST try the Pasta Vongole (you are in Italy!!) which is black from squid ink- but delicious I swear.

Verona can be done in a day: it's a lovely town but small and a short train ride away from Venice. Of course: you must go see Juliets balcony and the peculiar ginormous whale bone that has hangs in the square for centuries.

Rome: I've been a few times, but going with a local is best. People are friendly, reach out to your contacts, be friendly and ask around where the best places are: the best way to enjoy Rome is in the company of Romans.

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